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About Faline

Faline Trailer RepairFounded in 1991, Faline Trailer Repair has become the one of the best Detroit trailer Repair companies for semi-trailer repairs in both Carleton, MI and Genoa, OH. We offer full semi-trailer repair services from preventative maintenance to major repairs such as roofs.

Our client basis includes many owner operators and fleet customers, our partnership with Cimarron Express being the largest. Cimarron Express outsources all of their maintenance needs to us. We continue to help them get going and continue to deliver to 15 out of the lower 48 states. Faline Trailer Repair is able to support you locally so that you can succeed nationally.

What Makes Us Different?

We are more than a Semi-trailer repair shop, we, along with our customers, are a family. Personability, fairness, and responsibility has been our number one priority since the beginning of our business. When Faline Trailer Repair was just a thought in the mind, it is was important that we would become a business that we would want to do business with. This meant we would expect nothing but the best from ourselves, and that we would make sure our customers are satisfied. All of this has led to three main aspects in our business.

Personability is a high priority in our business. We want to get to know you and we want you to know us. One of the main problems in the repair industry is the lack of communication. People are unsure when their trailers are going to be done. This can make it very difficult to schedule loads and it can mean a loss of money. It is our priority to keep you informed about trailers and their repairs. We work hard to try to keep you up to date on your trailer.

Our longing for fairness has made a unique pricing model in the industry. We charge on a flat rate basis per item of repair so from the beginning you are going to know what you will have to pay. This means you will never be surprised by a bill or experience that awkward moment when your bill is $200 more than the estimate and you planned for the estimate to be accurate. We do not hide anything. We are upfront and fair.

It is important to us the responsibility permeates our business at every level, from the top to the bottom. Everyone takes responsibility for their actions and understands the need to service our customers. This has lead to great customer experience. We know you have other responsibilities to your customers, so we know how important it is to never have a truck down too long. Every moment a trailer sits idle is a moment you are losing money. This is why we seek to be the company with the fastest turn around rate possible. We strive to have your trailer in and out.

Our missions is simple: “to provide you with the best customer experience through personability, fairness, and responsibility” Let us get you going again by calling 734-299-3455.


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