Why Faline Trailer Repairs

Faline Trailer Moving ForwardAs a fleet manager, owner operator, or a third-party logistics company, you have a lot of  tasks to handle Рvery few people know what it is like to be in your position.

If only they spent a day in your shoes, they would understand the difficulty in balancing government regulations, minimizing risks, maximizing investment, increasing efficiency, and increasing productivity. To have success in your position, you need to ensure your fleet, or trailer, is maintained and your lifetime cycle is extended as long as possible to get the best ROI.

The recent shortage of equipment has increased the need for proper repair and maintenance programs. Finding a trailer repair company that understands your goals and offers a fair and honest service is a real challenge.

Faline Trailer Repairs works with you to complete repairs in a timely and efficient matter at a fair price. We know it is important for you to have those wheels moving. We understand that you likely do not have the luxury of having equipment down or have a driver wait for a repair. We know if it is not on your site, then it is not making money.

As a repair facility, we turn wrenches so you can turn your tires. If you are ready for a repair facility that will partner with you in your fleet management success, then give us a call at: 734-299-3455.

There When You Need Us

Faline Trailer Repairs supports owner-operators, fleet managers, and third-party logistic companies in the Detroit Metro Area and the Toledo area. We are headquartered in Carleton, Michigan with a small branch near Genoa, Ohio. We service our customers in our four-bay facility, as well as, on-the-road.

We are here to assist you whenever you need us – for regular maintenance, preventative maintenance or emergency repair services.